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We sell and present the products of the servohydraulics section of the German company Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH. Sales also include putting the valves into operation with optimized settings.

Products portfolio

Schneider Bad Kreuznach GmbH is not only synonymous with excellent optics but also for servohydraulics, which, like the optics, require precision in the production of mechanical components. We supply our customers with servo-valves for the most demanding requirements. We deal complexly with orders starting with the installation, electrical part and setting of parameters.
In addition to the standard program, we also supply tailored valves to applications. For example, with a defined characteristic, with two-edged, double-edged pistons or high-pressure valves.

One-stage hydraulic servo valves

They are applied in applications at a flow rate of 20 l / min and a pressure of 315 bar. They are used as pilot valves of the substation servo-valves.
Schneider-Servoventiles with the pull rod are the reliable heart of electro-hydraulic systems thanks to their simple design and therefore easy maintenance, oil resistance and high dynamics.


Construction of servo valves with drawbar

Schneider servo-valves are driven by a torque motor in an oil bath. The torque motor controls the valve piston, which hydraulically drives the master valve piston in a two-stage variant. The valve is more compact and more durable than the nozzle servo.

● No nozzles – there is no risk of clogging and sudden dysfunction

● The disfunction of the valve can be deduced by the gradual increase of the leakage

● Easy replacement of wear parts of valves

● Adjust the valve center using the Allen key


Multi-stage servo valves

For applications with flow rates from 20 to 700 l / min, we offer two- and three-stage servo valves. The advantage of multi-stage valves is the ability to use torque motor control with lower electrical power. As a pilot valve, a servo valve is used with a pull rod.

● pressures from 0 to 315 barů● and from 5 to 400bar● Switch speed of 3 msec

Servo pressure regulator valve

Suitable for applications requiring high precision and dynamic pressure control. We offer five variants of the control range as standard.

● Max. flow 10 l/min

● Pressure control range 1-700 bar

Servo valve HVM 065

Compact electro-hydraulic 4/3 servo valve with linear flow characteristics and mechanical reset. Strong linear motor with or without onboard electronics.

● Flow at 70bar 5/10/20/40 l / min

● hysteresis <0.1%

● Operating pressure 315 bar

● Switching speed 8 msec

Construction of the servo valve with linear actuator HVM 065

This servo valve is driven by a high-performance linear motor, which enables volume flows of up to 40 l/min in a single-stage variant. It is equipped with Onboard electronics with feedback that can be configured via the USB interface.

● small leakage

● Lower requirements for oil clarity

● Excellent accuracy static and dynamic

● Direct replacement for valve series D633 from Moog

Pneumatic servo valves

We offer three basic versions of pneumatic servo valves. With a valve spool driven torque motor PVM 064/065. With torque motor with a sliding piston PVM 030 and a pneumatic servo valve with pull rod PVM 067 derived from the hydraulic valve.

● Static pressure 450bar

● Control range 0-6 bar and 0-30 bar

● Flow QN up to 1300 l / min

Construction and properties of pneumatic servo valves

In contrast to pneumatic Prop.-Valves, which are designed as a standard combination of two seat valves, the pneumatic servo valve uses sliding valve piston. The sliding valve piston is driven by a torque motor connected by a pull rod. The dynamics are hierwith higher. Precision manufacturing keeps leakage low (QN <5%).

Applications with pneumatic servo valves

For your device we can design and deliver a functional unit or help with the implementation.

● Pneumatic Rotary Actuators with speed control

● Pneumatic Brake Control

● Pneumatic Cylinder with speed and position control

● Filling Valve for leveling etc.


The influence of electronics on the control tasks in the fluid area is becoming more and more intensive thanks to digital technology and its growing requirements. Schneider Kreuznach covers the entire range of electronic control cards from DIN rail cards, Eurocards and onboard versions.

● Amplifier

● PID controller

● DSP axis controller

Universal amplifier card BOE

This is universal pulse width card for servovalves to max. 2A current limit.

● Control signal possible change by DIP switcher

● Zero point possible to set via P1 potentiometer

● Max. output current possible set by P3 potentiometer from 100 to 1000mA. We also have pecial variants f.e. +/-100mA or up to 2A.

● Ditheraplitude and Ditherfrequency also possible to set via P2 and P4 potentiometer.

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Servovalves NG6, NG10
Servovalves NG25
Pressure regulators
Two-stage servo valves up to 1000 l / min



Valves with drawbar
Electropneumatic servo valves
Poppet valve for level monitoring



Analog controllers
Digital controller
Signal converter
Connection and flush plates

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Product portfolio

Quick-closing servo cylinder
Overview of Servovalves Applications
Electronics overview



Quick-Acting Cylinder
Servocylinder with onboard electronics and position sensor


Servo valve HVM 065 with linear drive

Exelente linearity
Oil cleanliness reduced
Equivalent to D633 - D634

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Hydraulic Servo Drives

We develop and produce customized servo drives. The drive consists of servo valve and servo cylinder with a nearly frictionless seal and hydrostatic bearing. Our products are used in power plants, chemical plants, test rooms, water treatment plants, etc.

● Servo cylinders

● Servo rotary actuators

● servo pressure amplifier

● Control valves for vapors, process media, etc.


Individual solutions

● Customized servo valves also available piece by piece.

● Special features p / U, p / I, Q / U, Q / I.

● Customer-specific adjustment of the valve dynamics

● Adjusting the center position

● Valves with overlap and leakage or without overlap and leakage in center position

● Two-valve valves suitable for hydraulic cylinders 1: 2.