Test bench engineering & construction

From aluminium-profiles teststands f.e. for Servovalve to powerfull test benches f.e. for testing transmissions, axial piston pumps or hydraulic engines. We design and build hydraulic, pneumatic or electromechanical test benches.

  • Piston pump test benches
  • Transmission test benches with hydraulic or electric load
  • Puls teststand with servo puls generator
  • Engine test bench
  • Brake test stands
  • Servovalve test stand
  • Universal function test benches
  • Test benches for development
  • Production test benches

Inquiry & calculation

We are happy to visit your company in order to get thorough overview of your needs and feasibility of realization your fluid technical tests. We elaborate calculation with target prices and in case of interest, you get a biding offer from us.


Project planning

We design hydraulic and pneumatic schemes with parts lists and make steel frame components drawings for production by one of our proved partners. We make of course whole documentation in accordance with machinery directive. 

Hydraulic manifolds  

We design special control manifolds not only for tests purposes and let it produced by one our machining company partner in Czechia.


Fluid measuring equipment

As Hydrotechnik GmbH distribution partner we use preferably their high-quality measuring equipment and sensors in our test stands.

Electrical test stands equipment

We design electrical equipment of our test benches in accordance with electrical directives 2014/35 / EU, 2014/30 / EU, EN (IEC) 61439 etc.



We automate machines with the understanding of a hydraulic system experts. This is particularly advantageous if the machine was built by a hydraulic company and the automation must first be made retrospective. We find our way around every fluid machine quickly and save your time and money with it. We replace obsolete control systems to new one or adapt your current control to new requirements.


  • Assembling at customer place
  • Professional piping, tubing and cabeling
  • Tests performing
  • Adaptation to customer requirements
  • Comisoning
  • Training