Hydrotechnik GmbH

It is a German company, one of the leading companies in the field of industrial messurmens for high pressure fluid systems. Our company is the official representative of Hydrotechnik.


Product portfolio

Hydrotechnik as holder of the Minimess-Coupling patent offers a comprehensive range of products for measuring and diagnosing hydraulic, pneumatic and process equipment and machines. And all this at a high level with the guarantee of an excellent service. Choose from our catalogs or contact us. We will be happy to advise you on the selection.

Electronic measuring instruments

… for measuring and recording not only fluid quantities. The basic equipment of every hydraulic machine, which will certainly appreciate a wide range of functions.

● Permanent measurements

● start or end measurement according to def. events

● logging and visualization

Hydrotechnik GmbH
Hydrotechnik GmbH

Connecting components

… our connecting material – Minimess® makes it possible to connect under pressure without leakage of liquid. It is possible to connect and disconnect sensors, pressure gauges or even small hydraulic drives, or to take samples of the fluid, or to get rid of air in the system. Part of our assortment is the extensive Minimess-Accessories that make it easy to retrofit your equipment.

Reducing Valves

Reducing pressure and filling valves for pressure reservoirs for filling and pressure adjustment process gases.


… large HySense® sensors family is high reliable not only in the field of flow but also in pressure, temperature, position or rotation measurement.

● Flow rates from 0.2 to 1000 l / min

● Pressures from -1 to 4000 bar

● temperatures from -50 to 200 ° C

● for oils, water, gases and various process media
Hydrotechnik GmbH
Hydrotechnik GmbH

Flowmeter calibration

We calibrate all flow meters up to 1000 lpm by mineral oil or watter. We issue DAkks certificate or our standard certificate which contents K- factor, calibration value, error limits, measuring range, viscosity, calibration value for linearisation ISDS. We calibrate flow meter sensors of all producers.

● Viscosity range according to customers wishes from 1cSt to 250cSt (standard 30cSt)

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Minimess Coupling
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Control & Measuring Cabinets

The basis of the measuring cabinet is proven by Hydrotechnik, which ensures high measurement dynamic. The actuator control is implemented either directly via the I / O- MultiSystem interface or the PLC of your choice. We distribute the signal signals through MultiXtend Split.

● Measuring up to 200kHz

● Protocols

● Visualization on a PC or MultiSystem panel

● SQL DataBank

Hydrotechnik GmbH