Sale of hydraulic and pneumatic components

We represent the well-known German manufacturers in the field of measuring technology and servo-hydraulics in the Central and Eastern European market. We futher distribute the hydraulic and pneumatic components, such as pumps, blocks, valves and actuators – Made in Germany.

Hydrotechnik GmbH

  • Electronic gauges
  • Flow and pressure sensors
  • Original Minimess-Couplings
  • Hydraulic hose
  • Reducing valves for filling gas accumulators
  • Calibration of flow and preassure sensors
  • Calibration of electronic gauges

Schneider Bad Kreuznach

  • Hydraulic Servovalves
  • Pneumatic Servovalves
  • Proportional valves
  • Electronics
  • Hydraulic Servo-Actuators

Assortment for hydraulic / pneumatic equipment …

  • Axial piston pumps
  • Gear pumps
  • Radial piston pumps
  • Hydraulic directional spool valves
  • Pneumatic valves
  • Seat valves
  • High pressure components 700-4000 bar
  • Mobile control blocks
  • Pneumatic valves blocks
  • Hydraulic motors
  • Rotary actuators
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Aerospace – Hydraulics
  • Individual hydraulic/pneumatic blocks

Important ones in stock…

Components that are important to you are kept in stock. We are ready to expand our stock. We currently have 300m2 of our own warehouse space.


Shop for high-quality sensors and measurement equipment easily and quickly. In our shop you will find everything you need for stationary and mobile measurements of pressure, flow and other physical quantities.

EU Export…

We also offer our product range to non-EU customers. We speak Russian and English, and we have experience with the sales process and customs requirements when selling goods f.e. to the former Soviet Union countries.

We visit you…

We will be glad to visit you and show you the festive design and intuitive operation of Hydrotechnik gauges.

We advise you in the field of hydraulics and automation. and help with your issue.

We set and put into operation our servo-valves.


Discounted material that is available in our stock or suppliers stocks can be found here.