Renovation & Hydraulics Construction

In cooperation with our customers, we realize the cost-saving construction, conversion or renovation of the fluidic systems developed by us or designed by our customers. We also realize individual phases of projects, such as Complex work on hydraulics or adjustment of the regulators, PID cards, PLC, IPC, HMI and other control components.

Overhaul of fluid facilities

We also renovate hydraulics or pneumatics directly in customers plant. The customer thus has the opportunity to participate directly in the work as part of the reduction of the renovation costs or to influence the individual steps.
We also carry out individual steps of renovation, such as:

● disassembly

● Renovation of the skeleton

● New piping & tubing

● Instalation of the components

● Renewal of the wiring

● Automation / software customization

● Commissioning

Electrical projecting

We design electrical equipment (control cabinets) for the systems designed, built and renovated by us. Assembly and commissioning are carried out in accordance with 2014/35 / EU, 2014/30 / EU, EN (IEC) 61439 and other relevant directives and standards.

Service hydraulics

Part of the renovation or a new facility is also free service and guarantee of freedom from disfunction.

Measurement & Optimization

We have the suitable measuring instruments and sensor technology from Hydrotechnik GmbH. Whereby our cross-industry knowledge saves time and manpower while first setting or optimizing your plant.


We measure the unwanted pressure spikes, differential pressures, pressure drops, flow changes and / or oil spills in your system and we use local data to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

Component selection

Do you have an obsolete valve, pump, f-converter, PLC, etc. on your machine? Write us. We choose, procure and set the full-fledged replacement with time-saving operation.

Test stands

From small aluminum frame test sands for filtering up to powerful test benches. We design and build the hydraulic, pneumatic or electromechanical test benches for testing f.e.-

● Mechanical components

● Hydraulic components

● Pneumatic components

● pressure resistance

● Durable wear

● Pollution

● Different physical quantities etc.